About Us

Why Turquoise?

Turquoise Concept Team consists of individuals who have spent their lives
in pursuit of quality and exclusive products.
Founded on the basis of these principles, Turquoise Concept Inc. aims to
offer you different products from various parts of the world.
Apart from being a color, turquoise also stands out with its differences
mentioned below.

+ creativity

The only goal for us is to offer you products that have been produced
on the basis of creativity, from epoxy tables to wall accessories,
from lamps to coffee tables. You will not be able to find the same product listed, anywhere!

+ serenity

Isn't peace the most important concept after health for all of us in life?
In every product you buy from us, you will enjoy your living space more
with the peace that will be added to you and your life by having both handcrafted
and nature-integrated products.

+ emotional stability, balance

The emotional stability and balance that the color Turquoise creates
in people enables the person to reach the target they focus on without
experiencing any lack of motivation. Since every product you purchase will integrate you with nature, you will not have any complaints about living this balance in your life.

+ sophisticated

Turquoise Concept prioritizes that the experiences of sophisticated people in their profession are transformed into artistic works in all the products it offers
to you. What you order is not just a product, it is the reward of years of
experience and hours of effort.

+ loyalty

We all have to be loyal to nature and keep it alive. For this reason, our
priority is to offer you products that are intertwined with nature.
A River Table you will buy will be a loyalty bridge established between
your environment and nature.

+ wisdom

Every product in the Turquoise Concept inventory has been produced with
the principle of rationality, avoiding waste in every sense. When it comes to an epoxy table or a handmade wall decoration, using the resources in the most correct way will ensure the continuation of the product variety.

+ ocean, infinity

We have no doubt that the turquoise color, when combined with the river,
sea, or ocean, brings to mind only the idea of ​​infinity. Every product
sold under the umbrella of Turquoise Concept will keep you away from the
busyness and tiredness of life and will help you add new ones to your goals
with a sense of eternity.